Looking for a CSGO jackpot website? Ever since CSGO launched, skins has been very popular to gamble with. To help you out finding these LEGIT jackpot sites, we have provided you with a list of bunch of CSGO jackpot sites. Where you can start with a free code!








Jackpot in CS:GO has been very big in the past, before valve decided to implement trade ban on CS:GO items.

But it still exist to this day, where you can either use the balance or skins balance on the website. To do such a jackpot.

It works that, your eligble to put a value into a pot of a lot of players. Where the value deciding the % your winning chance.

What is CSGO Gambling?

Just like regular Gambling, CSGO gambling is something which has existed in over 8 years. It is a way for users to risk their new or old skins into a website, which allow you to win even better skins.

CSGO skins has been very popular recently, and has grown in price over the last couple of years. That is where the CSGO gambling scene has been developed. You can deposit your CSGO skins into websites such as Gamdom, CSGOEmpire, CSGORoll or other big verified sites. Where you can gamble your skins in a form of either usd, euro or another currency depending on the site.

You can play multiple gamemodes across all of the websites we listed, and we have verified a bunch of sites. So you can play safe, and not get scammed by rip off websites, which only wants to steal your CSGO skins.

How to deposit and withdraw?

To help you get started with CSGO gambling, you will first need to sign into one of our verified listed websites. When you have signed in, you have a bunch of methods of depositing. Where you either can use, cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or any other cryptocurrency. But you are also able to deposit your CSGO skins, through the P2P (Player to Player) Method. Where you will likely get walked through the steps on the choosen website.

The player will need to provide the website with, steam trade link and steam api key. When you have provided the site with your details, you are able to do a P2P trade. 

The trade will happen between you, and another player which have money on the website. The website has all your details of the trade that will happen, and are able to tell whenever the trade goes through. So the balance will be sent from the withdrawer to the depositer, when the trade has been accepted through steam.

If you have won some coins or balance on one of the websites, you can also withdraw your balance into either CSGO skins, or some websites that allow cryptocurrency. It works it the same manner, where you are sending your balance in trade for a CSGO skin with the same value of your balance.

How do we verify gambling sites?

Verifying a CSGO betting site, is the number 1 priority for making sure, you are gambling safely. We verify a website through these steps.

• We first test the login systems, and we are always careful using a new gambling site.

• Then we test the referral systems, and make sure our user will be credited from using         our referral codes.

• Finally we check the withdrawal and deposit systems, if all of these steps go through.         We will add it to our list. The list gets updated every 2 days for new websites.

• We also check their provably fair, if the website uses provably fair.

If the CSGO gambling site passes our test, we also add the verified to the website.

Provably fair, How does it work?

On most of our listed CSGO gambling sites, they give their users more liablity and legitimacy by having a provably fair system. They use a system, which gives a random outcome of your bets. This system lets the users verify your seeds and hash, and lets you calculate the exact mathematics for the probability and how the outcome was.

In conclusion, the gambling site can not rig their outcome or manipulate any of your bets.

Hash Outcome

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